Magnifica Collection was born in 2018 in the ceramic sector, offering high quality porcelain tiles, design and own brand.

We are a small company that arises from the idea of two friends forged in the tile world, who collect all their experiences to bring us an improved version of what they already knew, we are driven by our desire to grow and improve every day. From the beginning we have not stopped innovating and adapting to new technologies.

When creating new collections we look at trends, seeking to stand out with large plates. Our product tries to go out of the conventional and provoke a great expectation in the customers, we try to bring finishes that make the difference without losing sight of the elegance and majesty that characterizes them.

Quality Policy



Brand& Innovation

We are different in the tile industry because of our innovative approach and attention to detail.

Design& Creativity

The creative team keeps abreast of the latest trends in both interior and exterior design.

Planning& Research

Allocating resources to research and development allows us to be at the forefront of technology.

Prestige& Trust

Quality customer service is essential, which is why we offer excellent after-sales service.

Quality& Variety

We offer a wide range of high quality tiles that stand out for their resistance, variety of styles.

Commitment& Ecology

We use recycled materials and more environmentally friendly production processes.

Magnifica Collection has carried out significant changes in recent years in order to improve in several fundamental aspects.

New, more practical logistics center with greater storage capacity. Renovation of the showroom with innovative concepts never seen before in the ceramic sector. Innovation in technology and design to achieve the best quality in our tiles. Market expansion and professional strategic alliances.

- Rubén Vaquero · CEO

About us
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Sustainable Ceramics

Sustainability in ceramics is a growing trend: carefully selected raw materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes make ceramics a great bet for the future. In open spaces, ceramics will offer you durability and resistance. In the case of closed spaces, you will have the possibility of combining ceramics and interior design, offering a unique touch to your home.

If we talk about sustainability, we inevitably talk about recycling. Ceramic is, as we said at the beginning, a compound of natural raw materials, such as clay and water. The environmental impact of its production is therefore reduced and it is also easily integrated into new manufacturing cycles.

At the industrial and production level, the trend is to reduce emissions, reduce water and resource consumption and achieve greater energy efficiency. Thus, we have invested in innovation in tile firing, introduced waste as a substitute for virgin raw materials and are making use of renewable sources.

At Magnifica Collection we are committed to the environment and the impact of our production and business practices on the environment around us. That is why we work continuously on our sustainability plan, strictly monitoring the levels of atmospheric and noise pollution. We are aware of the value of the resources we work with. For this reason, we develop sustainable technologies and products that allow us to save water and energy in our daily routines.

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